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  • Lead Manager with advanced search options. Helps you to  find leads in your system based on any criteria (date, location, source etc.)
  • Automatic lead parsing from any source. System will recognize lead formats from any popular lead provider or from your website form.
  • HTML Letter and Document designer. You can copy and paste your documents from Word or a website and insert any fields from the system. So now you can email or print estimates, bill of ladings, probable cost etc without any typing!
  • Automatic address correction. As soon as you enter an address in Order screen, the system will automatically correct the address and create a link to Google Map
Address Correction Address Correction
  • Job Calendar. Switch between Month, Week or Day view. See booked job by Job Type, Onsite Estimates and follow up on the calendar. Sync with Google Calendar and view on your smart phone.
  • Follow-Ups and CRM features. You can setup your calls or letters reminder, keep track of all actions associated with the lead or order for any of your sales people
Address Correction 
Men Hour Calculation 
  • Automatic men/hour calculation. Using industry standard formulas and volume/weight or inventory of the move, the system will automatically calculate how many men you will need for how many hours and travel time, so you will have an estimate ready in a second.
  • Automatic long distance estimates with different tariff options. System will calculate long distance job automatically based you your custom tariff and volume/weight or inventory of the move.
  • Custom Tariff creation We will help to setup you own tariff.
Job Expenses 
  • Expenses and Payroll Job closing, billing and payroll, foreman, sales persons and agent commissions. Payroll auto calculate options and QuickBooks Integration (optional)
  • Full Storage management and billing
Storage Account Manager 
  • International Shipment Module
  • All Port Database
  • Steamship companies database
  • All countries database
  • Container Management
International Shipment 
Local Dispatch 
  • Local Dispatch.Create a crew and drag and drop job from unassigned to the crew using your mouse! The system will do the rest
  • Long Distance Dispatch and Trip Planner.
  • Organize all your long distance job
  • Create and find matching trips by zone
  • Assign jobs to agents, van lines or your own crew
  • Trip accounting
Long Distance Dispatch 

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Serving Moving Industry for more than 18 years

eMover softwareeMover-software has been founded in 1997 by movers for movers to help organize and manage moving and storage companies. At that time, it was difficult to find effective and user-friendly moving software.eMover-Software has become very popular and is being utilized by more than 100 moving companies across the globe.

In 1997, it was written as a desktop Windows based software. The growth of high-speed Internet, and the popularity of web-based moving leads created a new challenge for eMover- Software. Many movers cannot afford an expensive moving software that requires an internal network, server, and IT personnel. That's why now we have an affordable alternative to the Windows based software - a browser (cloud) based software.

The only thing you'll need is a high-speed Internet connection and your favorite browser (preferred Chrome or Safari). No additional software installation required. There are no out-of-pocket expenses - just easy monthly payments. No installation fee, no cancellation fee, no pre-payment, no string attached.

Setup takes a couple of minutes and doesn't require computer skills. It is as easy as checking your email. The program is self-explanatory but you always can ask a question to our support team.

You will get full CRM module to manage all your leads, coming from your web site, lead providers or manually entered.

Google Address Auto-complete will make it very easy to enter customer's address and view location images and get driving direction and distance.

Advanced job hours calculation engine will make it easy to create instant estimate.

Rich letter designer will give you unlimited appealing letters that can be sent automatically or on demand.

Document creator will make it easy to create and print any documents including Bill of Lading, Order for Service etc.

Mobile application will let your customers to sign document electronically and automatically save it to the customer file.

Sophisticated Dispatch module allows you to drag and drop jobs to your moving crew.

Connection to Google Calendar will let you see all your jobs and estimated wherever you go.

Mobile Estimator will make your onsite survey fast and accurate.

Payroll module will automatically calculate salary and commissions for your workers and sales persons

Long Distance Dispatch module will allow you to create and manage long distance trips

International Module will make it easy to create international moving jobs and shipments

Storage Module will give you full storage management and accounting, including recurring credit card charging of your storage customers

Report Wizard make it a snap to create any report from your data


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Update! Update! - Monday, December 15, 2014

New update is here! 

In dispatch: New sleek look, improved search, map of all jobs 

In Onsite Estimates - Go to Day View and you will see new button - Daily Estimates Dispatch. Now you can drag and drop estimates to estimator from unassigned estimates and between estimators.

Inventory Link - Sunday, November 23, 2014

 We have improved feature that sending inventory link to the customer . Now you can add a body to the inventory form the customer will see when he clicks Inventory Link in your letter. To do this simply add Short Body in the letter designer for the letter that contains Inventory Link the same way you would do in Customer Signature letter. Please make sure that the Short Body won't exceed height of 300px.

Also, now as soon as the customer click on the link, it will be recorded in the system as new CRM action and you will be notified via popup notification once customer clicks the link. You will be also notified when customer updates his/her inventory, so you can follow-up instanteneousely!

Live Chat - Friday, May 09, 2014

 Introducing LiveChat! Whenever you have a problem or a question, click on the Help button in the right corner of your screen and chat live with support team!

New SmartPhone App is here! - Thursday, February 13, 2014

 Signature captureWe are glad to annonce that we have developed new smartphone/tablet app for foreman for signing Bill of Lading and Order for Service by the customer at the job. Foreman will also be able to enter all charges, complete bill of lading and charge credit card on the spot. Information will be later uploaded to eMover and make job closing a snap!


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